EA Sports FC 24 FC Pro Live Upgrade Path Explained

EA Sports

The newest EA Sports FC 24 promotion is now live, FC Pro Live, featuring an in-game event themed around the game's competitive scene.

FC Pro Live is a live promotion meaning promotional items will upgrade as real life events play out. Since the promotion is tied to the professional scene, player items will upgrade based on how a player performs during the FC Pro Open Season.

"Each FC Pro Live player item in Ultimate Team allows you to connect with your favorite FC Pros, mirroring their progress with live in-game upgrades based on their performance across each EA SPORTS FC Pro Open match day," EA Sports said in the announcement.

EA Sports FC 24 FC Pro Live Upgrade Path Explained

Here's the full list of upgrades player items can get during the FC Pro Open Season:

  • Campaign Upgrade: First boost at release
  • 3 Points Earned During the FC Pro Open Season: +1 In-Form Upgrade
  • 6 Points: 1 New PlayStyle
  • 10 Points: +1 In-Form Upgrade
  • Qualify: +1 In-Form Upgrade and 1 New PlayStyle
  • Win: +1 IF Upgrade

Keep in mind that each promotional item is tied to a specific player in the FC Pro Open Season competition. Meaning, that player will only upgrade when the professional player achieves any of the thresholds listed above.

This is an exciting promotion considering EA Sports' spotlight on the professional scene, and future upgrades will keep players interested in both sides of FC 24. Those who have a better understanding of the professional scene will know which players to prioritize for their squads, for trading and more.

The promotional squad released on Nov. 17 is the only squad included. There will not be a second squad released.