EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive Promo Leaked for Thunderstruck Follow-up

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EA Sports FC 24's next promotion has already been leaked with Black Friday: Thunderstruck still ongoing.

Ultimate Team leaks are everyday news in the EA Sports FC community. While many are still enjoying the Black Friday: Thunderstruck festivities with plenty of content to engage with, others already have eyes on what's to come.

According to reputable community leaker FifaTradingRomania, later corroborated by FutSheriff, Radioactive is set to be the next promotion.

EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive Promo Leaked for Thunderstruck Follow-up

The exact theme of the promotion remains a mystery, but there's plenty of hype surrounding what's to come. Mostly because there's still tons of popular, meta players who haven't received promotional items yet. Here's a list of players who have yet to receive a promotional item that are still very popular in-game:

  • Fridolina Rolfo - LB / Barcelona
  • Eder Militao - CB / Real Madrid
  • Lionel Messi - CF / Inter Miami
  • Gabriel Martinelli - LW / Arsenal
  • Sam Kerr - ST / Chelsea
  • Alexia Putellas - CM / Barcelona

The latter two previously received Nike Mad Ready cards, but those cards didn't receive upgrades. Just a cosmetic change as part of the early access promotion.

EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive Card Design

The EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive card design has also been leaked by DonkTrading on social media. Check out the leak below:

EA Sports FC 24 Radioactive Release Date

Black Friday: Thunderstruck items and "Best of" cards are set to leave packs on Friday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. ET. At that time, Radioactive should begin. Keep an eye out for any future loading screens to be added this week as hype continues to build.