EA Sports FC Card Design Leaked

FutSheriff and Criminal__x on Twitter

The EA Sports FC card design for Ultimate Team has been revealed and it's a massive change from what's been the norm under the FIFA banner.

Reputable community leakers FutSheriff and Criminal__x on Twitter posted the card design leak on Twitter. According to the leakers, this will be the card design for EA Sports FC. Check out the design below.

EA Sports FC Card Design Leaked

This card design takes on more of a full art style, but some of the general shapes from recent FIFA titles remains. One of the biggest changes though are the statistics, national flag and club badge.

Looking at the Messi design tweeted, all statistics are now listed on one horizontal line. Previously, statistics were broken up into two columns of three. As well, club badge and national flag were listed vertically under a player's position. Now, those two features are listed horizontally below the face card statistics.

A larger full art design is welcomed considering the possibilities and popularity of card designs in FIFA Ultimate Team, more specifically in FIFA 23. Some have drawn comparisons to FIFA Mobile, but keep in mind this is a new era for EA Sports' popular franchise without the FIFA banner. This should open up even more creative possibilities with the aforementioned and dynamic images for promotional items like Team of the Year and Team of the Week.