EA Sports Issues Statement Regarding Recent Hacks in FUT

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

Many notable content creators and traders in the FIFA community have been getting their accounts hacked over the past two weeks, and EA Sports has finally issued a statement regarding the issue.

In the statement, EA confirmed that around 50 accounts have been taken over by hackers using "phishing techniques" to bypass two factor authentication, and they are actively working to find the rightful account owners and restore their access as well as content.

In a follow up, EA also mentioned that they are taking the following actions to ensure that these issues do not repeat themselves:

  • All EA Advisors and individuals who assist with the service of EA Accounts are receiving individualized re-training and additional team training, with a specific emphasis on account security practices and the phishing techniques used in this particular instance.
  • We are implementing additional steps to the account ownership verification process, such as mandatory managerial approval for all email change requests. 
  • Our customer experience software will be updated to better identify suspicious activity, flag at-risk accounts, and further limit the potential for human error in the account update process.

Creators and leakers such as Fut_FG, FUT Donkey, Bateson87 and NickRTFM have all been subject to these hacks. Here's hoping that this is the start of EA Sports putting in more effort to protect accounts, with these vulnerabilities, who don't have the voices that these creators have.