EA Sports Just Released the Worst SBC in Ultimate Team History

EA Sports

EA Sports FC 24 just received the worst piece of content ever in the game's history, and it's quite perplexing how this even made it past initial planning.

FC 24 Ultimate Team is coming off of arguably the best promotion of all time in Black Friday: Thunderstruck. The promotional players, SBCs, objectives and Evolutions made this year's iteration of the Thanksgiving promo the best it has ever been. As well, the ongoing Radioactive promotion despite some complaints has greatly increased the squad building possibilities heading into Team of the Year.

Now, on Dec. 5, EA Sports released one of the most confusing, overpriced SBCs in the franchise's history.

EA Sports Just Released the Worst SBC in Ultimate Team History

Players logged in and went into Squad Building Challenges to see what content was released at 1 p.m. ET. Alongside a new puzzle SBC and a Radioactive Boulaye Dia SBC sat the Management Change Upgrade. Easily the worst piece of content ever released and that's considering some really bad cards like FUTMAS Dodi Lukebakio and TOTY Moments Marcel Sabitzer.

FC 24 Management Change Upgrade SBC

Here are the requirements for the SBC:

  • Squad Rating: 81
  • No Chemistry Requirement
  • Players in the Squad: 11
  • REWARD: 1 of 5 Manager Player Pick

Now, the context for the SBC. There are certain nationalities that have been extinct or difficult to snipe when it comes to managers. A French manager is probably the most sought after and difficult to get currently. As a whole, it makes sense to release this as an SBC so that players can try to get that manager they have been searching for. EA Sports has done something similar in the past with Position Modifiers.

But, considering how many managers there are in the game this year with added nationalities, and the ridiculous 81 rating attached, it's extremely unlikely you'll get what you want/need. There is no point in spending the coins or fodder on the SBC. Coming in around 6,000 coins to complete as well, you're better off trying to just snipe whatever nationality you're looking for off the Transfer Market. Especially since managers cannot exceed 5,000 coins on the market.

The Advent Calendar Upgrade which is running all month requires just a single bronze player. How did this make it past whatever levels of testing EA Sports has at its disposal for live content? Do not complete this SBC.