Halo Infinite Ranks in Order: List of Each Rank

Photo by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite ranking system has been a bit confusing for players, so we're going to list them from top to bottom.

In order to receive a ranking in the game, players must get a battle pass and complete ten matches before they are given a ranking based on performance. Halo's battle pass has a free and premium version, paying for the premium pass gives players rewards as they move up the ranks.

Players will start with a standard set of settings in their ten matches; Combat Sensor disabled, Friendly Fire enabled, grenade hitmakers disabled, static item spawns, and starting with a BR75 (battle rifle).

Here are all the Halo Infinite ranks in ascending order:

Halo Infinite Ranks in Order: List of Each Rank

1. Bronze

2. Silver

3. Gold

4. Platinum

5. Diamond

6. Onyx

These ranks individually range from I-IV and players' ranks are evaluated by performance in arena.

If you've previously played Halo multiplayer, your rank will carry with you into Halo Infinite. In addition, Halo Infinite's battle pass does not expire whether or not you purchase the premium or use the free battle pass. So your rank stays the same throughout your playing time.

Halo Infinite is free to play on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One and Windows.