Eagles Madden 23 Ratings: Defense, Offense, 5 Highest Rated Players

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Here are the Eagles Madden 23 ratings.

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a semi successful season in which they had a 9-8 record and made the playoffs. Since then, the Eagles have been busy, trading for a superstar receiver in AJ Brown and they had a great draft to help bolster their roster. Here's how Madden rated them this year:

Eagles Madden 23 Ratings: Offense Rating

Even though the Eagles nailed the draft and traded for superstar wide receiver AJ Brown, (which on paper should've boosted their overall offensive rating) it looks like the Madden team isn't quite yet sold on the Eagles, and has given them a measly 78 overall on offense.

Eagles Madden 23 Ratings: Defense Rating

The Eagles' defense however is a different story. They have a great defense with Darius Slay, one of the best corners in the NFL, and defensive lineman Fletcher Cox, who may very well be a top ten defensive tackle in the NFL. Madden has awarded the Eagle's defense with a solid and fair rating of 83.

Eagles Madden 23 Ratings: 5 Highest Rated Players

The new-look Eagles have added some great talent to their roster, but which players will have the most impact? According to Madden 23's player rating database, these are the top five highest-rated players on the Philadelphia Eagles:

  • Lane Johnson, RT, 92 OVR
  • Darius Slay, CB, 92 OVR
  • Jason Kelce, C, 90 OVR
  • Fletcher Cox, DT, 88 OVR
  • A.J. Brown, WR, 87 OVR

With new talent and great players on both sides of the ball, it'll be interesting to see if the Eagles can push past their low offensive ratings and make another playoff run.