Easiest Players to Trade for in Madden 20: Top 5 Players

Easiest players to trade for in Madden 20, at least some of them, are the most popular. The game isn't perfect and one of the flaws is the trading system. Instead of having most players locked down and non-tradeable, players can use the system to your advantage.

Here are the easiest players to trade for in Madden 20.

Easiest Players to Trade for in Madden 20: Top 5 Players

5. Zach Martin

The guard from the Dallas Cowboys is a 96 overall, but because the team has two other high level linemen, a star running back and quarterback, he's tradeable when he normally isn't. Offer an overall 72 player for a position in need and a third round draft pick. The offer should be accepted, if it's close, either offer a better player or a better draft pick.

4. Delaine Walker

One of the best tight ends in the game is completely tradeable. You just need a decent defensive tackle to trade. One in the high 70s will do since Delaine is 35 years old. It's a bargain.

3. Jamal Adams

He's surprisingly one of the harder players to get because he's so young and the lack of talent at the strong safety position. You'll need to trade an OT or a OLB in the high eighties plus a first round pick. You could get away with two needed players in the seventies plus a a second round pick.

2. Melvin Gordon

Running backs are shockingly easy to trade. With dozens of high end running backs in the league, Melvin costs one needed player in the eighties and a first round draft pick. Not bad for a star running back.

1. Saquon Barkley

One of the best running backs, if not the best, is completely tradeable. The Giants have a few needs at QB, RT, and DT. Trade any one of these in the high seventies with a first-round draft pick and you'll get Saquon Barkley.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports