Apex Legends

Easy Octane Trick Lets You Stim Without Taking Damage in Apex Legends

Octane / Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Octane's Stim tactical is one of the reasons why he is one of the more popular choices in Apex Legends, allowing him to regain health and even increase weapon accuracy when using certain tricks. The daredevil has always been a fun choice for players since his arrival in The Outlands, and in any Meta he is a go-to Legend.

A new trick has made Octane even more popular in the past days, and it makes his Stim tactical ability overpowered, allowing you to Stim and regain health without taking damage.

Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel showcases "canceling stim damage" in a recent YouTube video, where he does a simple trick that gives you a boost of speed, but also cancels the tick damage you would usually lose from using the Tactical. Here's how to try it yourself.

To do the Stim trick, activate Stim just before you’ve finished using a consumable. This allows you to negate the damage usually obtained from the Stim tactical, and receive a small speed boost. This may not be the most efficient trick in the middle of a fight, but when trying to retreat from a tough battle, the Stim damage cancel can be extremely useful.

If you're an Octane main in Apex Legends, try this trick in your next game. It could be a difference-maker when trying to evade a sticky situation with your health intact.