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Echo Tries to Sing Karaoke in Overwatch Clip

Echo's attempts at karaoke are worth a watch.
Echo's attempts at karaoke are worth a watch. | Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Echo can sing, sort of. In this 10 second clip posted by Reddit user u/rubenburgt, Echo tries her best to sing along with the beat.

Echo Sings Karaoke (Sort of)

Cringe at worst, relatable at best, Echo's karaoke is something every Overwatch player should witness. During her solo, she will spend more time copying the beat than actually singing anything, saying things like "The beat is rising," or, "This is when they drop the beat," but the ten seconds are worth it. The adaptive artificial intelligence gets an A for effort.

There have also been hints that Echo's karaoke might include a few dance moves in the future. If her dancing is anything like her singing, it will be a sight to see.

To hear Echo sing, players must first select her as a hero and head to the karaoke room on the Busan map. When in front of the microphone, there will be an option for the player to press F to karaoke. Once in karaoke mode, nothing more is needed from you.

Blizzard revealed Echo as Overwatch's 32nd hero Wednesday. She hit the game's Public Test Realm on Thursday after a live stream featuring streamer TimTheTatman and game director Jeff Kaplan revealed her ability set.