EFIGS TOTS FIFA 22: What Does it Mean for FUT Champs Rewards?

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Fans of FIFA 22 FUT Champs are stirred up after the announcement of the EFIGS TOTS rewards this past week.

FUT Champions is an online game mode that allows FIFA 22 Ultimate Team managers to compete over the weekend to earn optimized rewards. Gamers can qualify for the weekend event by winning enough Rivals matches throughout the week, or by winning a certain number of games in the prior weekend's FUT Champions event.

The FUT Champions mode offers FUT player the chance to compete in 20 matches across the weekend event, in order to achieve a rank based on their win record. The better the rank that players achieve, the better they are rewarded.

Typically, players from the FIFA 22 TOTS weekly promotion are available as rewards in the FUT Champions weekend event, but this weekend, that was not the case.

In the wake of the announcement of the FIFA 22 Ultimate TOTS, fans would have expected to compete in the FUT Champions to potentially earn a card from that pack rather than have to purchase it in packs.

EFIGS TOTS FIFA 22: What Does it Mean for FUT Champs Rewards?

In a disappointing, but not surprising for most, move by EA, players from the Ultimate TOTS, the best players in the sport, were not available as rewards. Instead, FUT Champions players competed for EFIGS TOTS picks. This gives the manager the option to choose a player from one of the top leagues in England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

To be clear, EFIGS TOTS player cards have been a potential reward all season for the top six ranks of players of FUT Champions, as have the weeks promoted TOTS packs. This past weekend, the promoted pack was not a part of the rewards, presumably because the players in the Ultimate TOTS packs are so valuable, that EA would prefer gamers to purchase them, rather than work for them.

Basically, there are still a lot of strong cards to be pulled, but just a lower chance of pulling them, without paying for them that is. Thanks again EA.