Egg Hatching Widget Pokemon GO Guide

Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company, screenshot by DBLTAP

Pokemon GO's egg hatching widget is a feature that allows players to watch the progress of eggs in the incubators without opening the app. The game also has certain events that offer perks for utilizing the widget. Here's everything you need to know about the hatching widget.

Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget: How to Add

When getting the egg-hatching widget, iPhone and Android users have to obtain this feature in different ways. For iOS usage, players should open the home screen, select an empty spot until the apps shake, and choose the additional feature in the top left area. Players should then choose the Pokemon GO widget, and click on the "Add Widget" feature.

As for Android users, gamers should select an empty area on the home screen, and choose the widgets feature when it appears. Players can then look through the widgets and find Pokemon GO. After finding this widget, players should select it until they can choose their version of home screens and place the widget in a certain area.

Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget: How to Use

Players can select the widget and open it, which will allow gamers to observe the progress of the eggs that are currently in the incubators. This feature can be useful for players as the Pokemon GO app doesn't have to be open in order to track an egg's haching progress.

Pokemon GO's 2023 New Year event will award players for using the widget with the first three eggs hatched from the feature. Players will only need to walk a fraction of the distance for egg hatching.

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