Egyptian Managers FIFA 23: Are There Any?

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team fans might be wondering if there are any Egyptian managers in the game that can ease some squad building strains when optimizing player chemistry.

Player chemistry was overhauled in FIFA 23 removing the old formation links system in favor of a diamond points system. Players link to other players in squads through clubs, nationalities and leagues no matter where they're lined up. As well, players can still use managers to help maximize chemistry through league and nation links. Using a manager of the same nationality as a player is an easy way to get a player at least one chemistry point.

Egyptian Managers FIFA 23: Are There Any?

Team of the Year introduced a special 96 rated Virgil Van Dijk celebrating his performances from last year. As such, players might be looking to get other Liverpool players into their squads. Mohamed Salah is an easy choice considering how popular he is both in-game and the real world.

Though, getting a nationality chemistry point on Salah is difficult considering there aren't any other top Egyptian players close to not only his 93 rated FUT Centurions item, let alone his base 90 gold card. Players might opt to get a chemistry point on Salah through a manager, but are there any Egyptian managers in FIFA 23?

Unfortunately, there are no Egyptian managers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Players will have to opt to get Salah on full chemistry by either using other Liverpool, Premier League or Egyptian players.