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Enkanomiya Genshin Impact: Leak Reveals New Region

Photo by miHoYo

Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact is the new leaked region for Patch 2.4. miHoYo has just released the game's 2.3 update, "Shadows amidst Snowstorms."

Enkanomiya Genshin Impact: Leak Reveals New Region

Enkanomiya was originally introduced in the 2.1 Patch and is now rumored to "feature an alternating time cycle between Evernight and Whitenight that reveals different appearances of environments and mechanisms," according to Twitter page, Project Celestia.

Twitter and Reddit users have also been tweeting pictures of what Enkanomiya looks like as well as map leaks. The Enkanomiya map leaks reveal that the region may have nine new subareas. Users also say that Enkanomiya is to have a new world boss.

Along with updates for Enkanomiya, Genshin impact 2.4 is leaked to also have updates for new weapons, events, skins, and changes to the Spiral Abyss line-up.

The estimated release date for Patch 2.4 is Jan. 5, 2022. While the patch will also have two new characters in Shenhe and Yun Jin, a new region is much more exciting. Based on the leaks, here is the full list of new content.

1. Enkanomiya
2. Shenhe (5*) and Yunjin (4*)
3. Hangout quests (Ningguang, Yunjin)
4. Lantern Rite rerun
5. Windtrace rerun
6. Alchemy event with Timaeus
7. New skins for Ningguang & Keqing
8. Kichiboushi outing event
9. Electro Sigil Shop
10. Arlecchino

Patch 2.3 should be able to hold fans over until the new year.

These leaks are subject to change and miHoYo had not confirmed most of the leaks.