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Elden Ring Build Calculator: Which One Should You Use?

Image courtesy of FromSoftware

With all the different stats and weapons in Elden Ring, it can be hard to keep track of or even know the best way to build your character so that it plays the way you want it to. And with so many different ways to play through Elden Ring, even figuring that out can be a challenge too.

Fortunately, that is where the Elden Ring build calculators come in. These websites will allow you to put in the stats you want your character to have, and they will show you your damage output, equip load, runes needed until the next level, and more.

Some will even show you what your optimal starting class is to achieve that loadout, while others will let you select different weapons, Ashes of War, and talismans to see what your future character will look like. Here are the best places to check that out and build you your character before you start levelling up.

Best Elden Ring Build Calculators

This Elden Ring build calculator from 8Bit Design is perfect if you are looking for a simple planner to use. It allows you to input your desired stats, and optimize your route to getting them by listing out the levels you would need to attain with each class to build the designed character. It is very intuitive and easy to use, while sharing the total amount of runes you would need to make your build, as well as other basic stats like stamina, equip load, HP, runes needed until next level, and a couple others.

If you're looking for a deep dive before you commit to your build, this Elden Ring build calculator from is everything you could ask for. It allows you not only to plan your stats and determine the cost of allocating them, but it also gives you customization slots for all your weapons, armor, and talismans.

It also uses those options to give you information beyond the basics, delving into the damage output and defense you'll be getting out of your build. If you are planning for a specific kind of challenge run, or just looking for a way to play the game differently, using this calculator will help you immensely.