Elden Ring Colosseum Update Gets Release Date


FromSoftware have revealed Elden Ring's upcoming DLC — Colosseum.

The long-rumored Elden Ring DLC is real, and launching tomorrow on Dec. 7. FromSoftware revealed the Colosseum Update through a brand-new trailer, announcing that not only will it be arriving tomorrow but that it'll be free.

While the trailer doesn't go into too many specifics, it does introduce some new PvP modes where players can battle against each other in arenas around The Lands Between.

"Come forth, warriors, and bask in the glory of the Colosseum," the Twitter post reads.

"Prove your worth in various duels and battles, together or on your own in the free Colosseum Update. Coming December 7."

Players will have noticed a number of colosseum-like structures dotted around the map, though they have remained inaccessible. It led many to assume that their purpose would be revealed in a future DLC. Now, nearly eight months after the game's initial release, it seems that will be the case.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The Colosseum Update will launch tomorrow on all platforms, for free.