Elden Ring Fort Faroth: How to Get 80K Runes From Non-Hostile Dragon

Image courtesy of FromSoftware

There's an easy way to net yourself 80,000 Runes in Elden Ring, but you'll need to take down a defenseless dragon.

Somewhere in the depths of Caelid sits a poor mother dragon and her feisty dragon children. While most low-level players might turn and run at the sight of a dragon, this particularly large one isn't quite as scary as the rest. Her children can be a pain, but for the most part this resting dragon is just minding her own business. Then you come along.

Resting just outside of Fort Faroth, this non-hostile dragon drops a whopping 80,000 Runes upon death. Regardless of your level, this is a hefty amount of Runes that can be put to good use. The smaller dragons in the area each net players 3,500 Runes, and will respawn upon resting at the nearby Site of Grace - making this a particularly nice little place to do some farming.

Fort Faroth location in Caelid.
Fort Faroth location in Caelid. / Image courtesy of eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com

However, should you kill the big mother dragon, the smaller dragons won't respawn after being slain.

The question, really, is - can you bring yourself to do it?

How to Kill the Fort Faroth Dragon in Elden Ring

Despite being a non-hostile enemy, the mother dragon has a significant amount of XP. This means you could find youself hacking away for quite some time. If you're lacking in levels, you might also not want to contend with the lesser dragons as they can still pose a problem by themselves.

To take the mother dragon down safely and efficiently, there are a few things you can do.

First, move to a position where the smaller dragons can't spot you. For example, behind the mother dragon, positioned by her hind legs. Second, it never hurts to make use of a summon to have a second pair of hands to help chip away at the health bar. If you summon far enough away from the smaller dragons, the summon shouldn't pull or go after any of the other enemies and will dedicate its power to the main prize.

Third, making use of a weapon/spell/item that inflicts blood loss is an effective way to take away large chunks of the dragon's health bar - cutting down on the time it'll take to continuously attack.

That's all there really is to it. Taking her down will net players a hefty 80,000 Runes, and all it will cost is your time and morality. You monster.