Elden Ring Gameplay: What to Expect

Elden Ring Gameplay blends new and old features that players love
Elden Ring Gameplay blends new and old features that players love / From Software

Elden Ring gameplay is something not many players know about. Not much has been seen or heard from the developing studio, From Software, since the game's announcement at last year's E3. Aside from a few promises and quotes about a Dark Souls-esque vibe there haven't been any concrete leads.

Currently, our best bet at information comes from various leaks in the past two months.

Elden Ring Gameplay: What to Expect

According to a leak posted anonymously on 4Chan on Apr. 23, the developers are making good on their open world feel. There will be eight distinct kingdoms for players to explore—larger than anything Dark Souls or Bloodborne had to offer. Each kingdom has one major boss that will give even the most veteran players a run for their money. All aspects are "seamlessly open world."

The overland "field" will operate much like early Legend of Zelda games as a hub world that connects the kingdoms. It is the only place players can ride their mounts—of which there are various types including wolves and bears—and is the only area PvP can take place. The field will also have a variety of terrain types and multiple secret passages, caverns, puzzles, and hidden parts to explore.

As with everything, be sure to take this leaks with a grain of salt because it's impossible to prove the veracity of them.

There will be dynamic night and day cycles, lighting, weather, enemies, and more that players will encounter while venturing in the field.

Additionally, there will be a ranking system included with PvP play.

There is no linear progression and kingdoms can be tackled in any order. There are currently five side quests with outcomes that will determine the player's ending—of which there are also five. The combinations of choices to make on the main quest are enormous.

Character creation places an emphasis on class which, in turn, will determine which kingdom players spawn in at start. Leveling up is similar to Dark Souls, but layered, and features a talent tree with perks. Combat power stances will make a return as will a switching weapons function. Mounted combat is also a thing as is a relatively limited jump command.

Players will be able to save their game at "Prayer Sanctuaries" in kingdoms—which echo the bonfire mechanic of Dark Souls. The currency in the world is "limbs" acquired from defeating bosses that can be given to a queen in order to unlock special abilities.

Overall, it looks like this game is shaping up to be everything we hoped it would.