Elden Ring Patch 1.03.3 Buffs Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn has been buffed in Elden Ring
Starscourge Radahn has been buffed in Elden Ring / Courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco, Screenshot by Noam Radcliffe

The newest patch for Elden Ring is now available. This patch has buffed Starscourge Radahn back to a normal level after accidentally nerfing several of his attacks.

Patch 1.03.2 accidentally nerfed Starcourge Radahn's attacks, making the boss much easier to defeat. It's unknown what exact nerfs were accidentally added in the Mar. 23 update, and unfortunately neither Bandai Namco or FromSoftware have revealed that information.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03.3

  • Fixed a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss "Starscourge Radahn" in update 1.03, in which the power of some attacks was unintentionally reduced.

While Starscourge Radahn is technically an optional boss in Elden Ring, he's undoubtedly one of the hardest bosses to defeat in the entire game, even if players do charge at him with an entire army of summoned allies.

Starscourge Radahn can be found through a portal at Redmane Castle in Caelid. He's is a massive and destructive demigod, with plenty of deadly attacks that you'll have to dodge for any chance of survival.

Defeating Starscourge Radahn has the following impact on the game:

  • Enia will become available in Roundtable Hold, if this is the first Great Rune holder that the Tarnished has defeated.
  • Nokron, Eternal City will become available.
  • Ranni the Witch will return to Ranni's Rise, if she was not there before.

Starscourge Radahn will also drop the following once you defeat him:

  • 70,000 Runes
  • 210,000Runes(NG+1)
  • Remembrance of the Starscourge
  • Radahn's Great Rune