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Elden Ring Sacred Tear Farming Guide

Image courtesy of FromSoftware

In Elden Ring, Sacred Tears will be critical to collect on your travels through The Lands Between. Sacred Tears will allow you to increase the amount of HP or FP regenerated by Crimson or Cerulean Flasks. The maximum upgrade your flasks can reach is +12 although this does not apply to the Flask of Wondrous Physick. To use the Sacred Tears, you will need to be resting at a Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Guide

Unlike with Golden Seeds, there is only enough Sacred Tears in the game to upgrade your flasks to +12, so you will need to find all of them to maximize the effects from your flasks. Fortunately, they can all be found in churches, which will prove helpful as you won't need to go searching through secret dungeon passageways to find hidden rooms as you do in the case of other items. Here is where every Sacred Tear is located:


  • Third Church of Marika
  • Callu Baptismal Church
  • Church of Pilgrimage
  • Fourth Church of Marika

Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Church of Irith
  • Bellum Church
  • Church of Inhibition

Altus Plateau

  • Second Church of Marika
  • Stormcaller Church


  • Church of the Plague

Mountaintops of the Giants

  • Church of Repose
  • Frist Church of Marika