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ElecHead Release Date Information

ElecHead / NamaTakahashi

A puzzle platformer with classic yet innovative art style, ElecHead has two to three hours of retro-style gameplay. By touching every surface, Elec activates electricity to light up the area. This game was announced in the Nintendo Indie World showcase, which got many players excited for its release. Are you interested in ElecHead's launch on the Nintendo Switch? We have the information you need.

Here's everything you need to know about ElecHead's Nintendo Switch release.

ElecHead Release Date Detailed

ElecHead will be released in Summer 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. It is currently available to play on Steam for $10 in the United States.

Elec is trying to find a way out of the factory while bringing light to the world. He uses his head to trigger surfaces and items, but the character will shut down completely if his head isn't put back in its spot within 10 seconds. While using Elec, you must strategically use his features in order to efficiently finish the game.

Due to its lack of text and tutorial within the game, players around the world can enjoy what ElecHead has to offer. There are no language barriers, just simple controls for everyone of all ages to enjoy. The inclusivity of this title allows for a wide range of gamers to explore its world.

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