Elle Fanning to Star in Upcoming Kojima Productions Game

"TGS→'WHO'→ ELLE" / Kojima Productions

American actress Elle Fanning will star in an upcoming Kojima Productions game, the two parties announced Friday.

The reveal was made at the PAX Aus gaming convention in what appears to be just the latest twist in a series of teasers released by Hideo Kojima in recent weeks.

During the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima Productions reportedly unveiled a website and a posted cryptic tweet featuring an image of a silhouetted woman and text reading "WHO am I?"

On Oct. 5, Kojima tweeted that "TGS's 'WHO' answer" will be found in the next 'WHERE.'"

The "WHERE" now appears to have been PAX Aus, where on-site content creators found a Kojima Productions poster propped up next to a QR code linking to the reveal of the mystery woman as Fanning.

Of course, it remains to be seen just what this partnership between Fanning and the studio will be for. Many are speculating that the major reveal will come in about two months' time during The Game Awards 2022, given the close relationship between Kojima and the event's organizer, Geoff Keighley.

Additionally, many have pointed out that Norman Reedus, who stars as Sam Bridges in Death Stranding, now follows Fanning on Instagram, perhaps indicating that she will be featured in the game's rumored sequel.

On Oct. 3, a prominent leaker seemingly revealed that a sequel to Death Stranding is in development at Kojima Productions under the codename "Ocean."

In May, Reedus revealed he was working on a Death Stranding sequel, though Kojima then jokingly chastised Reedus for the apparent slip-up on Twitter shortly after.

Death Stranding aside, Kojima's next game will be the product of a partnership between his studio and Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced in June.