Emergence Legend Changes: Buffs And Nerfs

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Emergence Legend changes aren't totally unveiled, but we do know a little of what is to come.

There are about to be some major changes coming to Apex Legends as the Emergence launch nears, including buffs and nerfs to existing Legends. According to Gamespot these changes will include buffing Legends such as Caustic, Horizon, and Fuse – while nerfing Revenant.

Emergence Legend Changes: Buffs And Nerfs

The buffs and nerfs released for various Legends so far include:

  • A buff to Caustic's gas will allow the gas to do more damage over time, as opposed to the previous flat rate of damage throughout.
  • A buff to Horizon regarding her ability to maneuver mid-flight – not giving Horizon her original maneuverability of earlier seasons, but somewhere in-between.
  • A buff to Fuse, doubling the length of his skill Knuckle Cluster, giving him more crowd control potential. He will also receive a buff for his skill The Motherlode, which will allow him to see players through walls and buildings and give him an advantage when prepping for his next attack.
  • A nerf to Revenant will give his enemies a better idea of when Revenant's Death Totem skill is about to expire and cease protecting him and his allies.

These Legend changes will also be in accordance with the release of Seer, and should help to provide a balance between Legends as Seer is thrown into the mix. Seer, who is a tactical tracking Legend focused around drone scouting and adept abilities in picking up heartbeat audio cues of his enemies, will provide a unique playing experience amongst the ever-growing Legend pool within Apex.

More information regarding buffs, nerfs, and further patch notes will be released by Respawn closer to or on the Aug. 3 release date of Emergence.