Endgame Fortnite Scene Explained

Endgame Fortnite scene was a nice surprise for many fans of both franchises.

Even before Fortnite's cameo within the massive blockbuster, there were many agreements to have characters cross over from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Fortnite. One example was Thanos becoming a playable character within an event for a period of time.

Endgame Fortnite Scene

The scene takes place when the Hulk is going to visit Thor. Korg is the one currently playing Fortnite, and complains about being called names by another player. Thor then takes the headset and begins to scare the player off.

Korg is also appearing to be playing with a PS4 controller so maybe Sony had something to do with this encounter as we know Sony and Marvel have been in contact over many things recently.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games