Enhanced Ana Paintball Created by Overwatch Workshop User

The Workshop has opened the floodgates for creative Overwatch content, with fans both creating all new content and building on games made in the old custom games system. Reddit user JinkoNorray added to that deluge with their updated Ana paintball maps, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Thursday.

JinkoNorray has created multiple special Overwatch maps for Ana paintball, adding new features to Ecopoint Antarctica and Eichenwalde to improve the experience. Those features include jump pads to help players reach new heights, launchers to send them flying across the map, and teleporters for instant travel.

JinkoNorray's improvements also include making players use the in-game "Hello" whenever they pick up a kill, freezing players who scope for too long, removing icons from above players' heads, and more. The full change list is available in patch notes JinkoNorray shared to Reddit.

The codes for both maps are available on JinkoNorray's Reddit post.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard