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Enhancement Shaman Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know

Thrall wielding Doomhammer
Thrall wielding Doomhammer / Activision Blizzard

Enhancement Shaman in Shadowlands is one of the more challenging specs to pull off correctly, taking into account a handful of cooldowns to keep track of.

Enhancement Shaman Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know


Enhancement Shaman is all about imbuing your weapon with different elements to overpower your enemy with procs on procs of instant casted spells and burst damage.

Your bread and butter spells are Stormstrike, Lava Lash, and Crash Lightning, with Crash Lightning being particularly good in AoE situations, due to the spell's easy empowering of Stormstrike.

Passive abilities core to your kit like Maelstrom Weapon and Stormbringer are important to keep track of, too.


While technically you should have different talents depending on which content you want to tackle (AoE focus for M+, single target for certain fights in raid, etc) below is a general solid talent path.

  • Level 15: Forceful Winds
  • Level 25: Stormflurry
  • Level 30: Spirit Wolf
  • Level 35: Elemental Assault
  • Level 40: Nature's Guardian
  • Level 45: Sundering
  • Level 50: Ascendance

Stat Priority


Agility, just as Intellect for casters will be the main stat to focus on when gearing up your Enhancement Shaman. The more Agility, the faster you will attack, which will then make your entire kit feel smoother. Additionally, Haste is super important after stacking enough Agility, as Haste will make sure there is little conflict for all of your important cooldowns.

What legendary should I go for?

Currently, Doom Winds stands as the best legendary to pick up for Enhancement Shamans.