Epic Games CCO Teases Potential G.I. Joe Crossover In Fortnite

Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard has gotten the whole Fortnite world buzzing with his latest tweet seemingly teasing a G.I Joe crossover event. Here is what we know so far.

Epic Games CCO Teases Possible G.I Joe Crossover

In a recent Twitter post, Epic Games CEO Donald Mustard can be seen standing over what appears to be a G.I Joe graphic novel. As Twitter user iFireMonkey points out in a retweet of this image, Mustard location on his profile now says "Arashikage Clan" which is a reference to the ancient order of assassins that are prevalent within the age-old franchise.

Whether these all point to a potential G.I Joe crossover remains to be seen but given Epic Games' recent dive into old-school films and iconic series from days of old for their crossovers, this one doesn't feel all that far fetched.