Epic Games CEO Calls Fortnite Token a 'Scam'

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney isn't thrilled about Fortnite Token.
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney isn't thrilled about Fortnite Token. / Philip Pacheco/GettyImages

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has publicly denounced the fake Fortnite cryptocurrency account known as Fortnite Token, calling it a scam unaffiliated with Fortnite or with Epic Games. He says the company's lawyers are already working to shut down the illegitimate cryptocurrency.

"There isn't a Fortnite cryptocurrency," Sweeney tweeted Monday. "The Twitter accounts promoting such a thing are a scam. Epic's lawyers are on it. Also, shame on the cryptocurrency marketplaces that enable this kind of thing."

Fortnite Token, which has been active since late 2021, defended itself against Sweeney's accusations.

"Fortnite Token isn't a scam cryptocurrency project," it wrote. "Instead, this is a fair-launch, community-driven, Fortnite game fans-created cryptocurrency project with no specified owner or company structure behind it or a CEO deciding on its future."

That defense doesn't appear to have impressed Sweeney much.

"That's not how trademarks and copyrights work though," he replied. "You can't use the Fortnite name and images without permission to market an unrelated product."

Sweeney's problems appear to be specific to Fortnite Token, rather than cryptocurrency more generally. He's previously expressed support for games that use blockchain technology, "provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-gated by appropriate group."

In fact, the Epic Games Store will see the release of Grit, a cowboy battle royale incorporating NFTs, in the near future. It will be the first such game to be sold through the storefront, though no release date has yet been set.