Epic Games Makes Major Change to Fortnite Storm Circles Ahead of FNCS

Epic Games

Fortnite's 6th and 7th Storm Circles have been given an update, just a day before the start of FNCS.

In a tweet, Epic Games revealed that the 6th and 7th Storm Circles will now move further into the storm, effectively shrinking the safe zone. As a result, players will be forced into more immediate encounters with each other towards the end of the match, now able to camp in spaces far less frequently.

These new changes to Fortnite's Storm Circles come just days after Epic Games made the decision to make it more dynamic in core modes. The update brought back moving Storm Circles while also having it scale with the number of remaining players.

In a tweet posted on April 11, Epic Games said: "Later circles now move as they close in all of Battle Royale, similar to Competitive play. We've adjusted all moving storms and later circle timings.We've also re-enabled Dynamic Storm Circles to conditionally vary the time between zones."

The post continues, saying: "With dynamic storm circles, zone timings will adjust based on players remaining and accelerate games with not many players left relative to the circle's size."

The changes to the 6th and 7th circles come just a day before the start of FNCS Major 2, kicking off later today on April 20.