Epic Games Patches Fortnite Mighty Monument Glitch, No More Flying Foundation

Image courtesy of Epic Games

A hilarious new glitch was found in Fortnite recently, one which sent the giant Might Monument statue flying.

Earlier today, Epic Games announced that they had fixed the Mighty Monument glitch - much to the disappointment of players. The glitch sent the huge statue flying off into the distance once players threw an off-road tire at it.

Epic Games usually runs a pretty tight ship, with Fortnite bugs and glitches rarely being so dramatic. That being said, it's no wonder this bug went undiscovered for as long as it did. Who really thinks to throw a tire at a giant statue?

Epic Games Patches Fortnite Mighty Monument Glitch, No More Flying Foundation

As soon as the glitch was discovered, fans were quick to test it out for themselves. Some made it their own personal challenge to find the best way to topple the statue.

Sadly, though, with the amount of fun players were having sharing their own attempts at the glitch, it was bound to catch Epics attention at some point. Announced via the official @FortniteStatus account yesterday evening, the glitch has been fixed: "We've resolved an issue where the Mighty Monument statue wasn't firmly glued to its foundation - and we appreciate everyone's funny clips!"

While bugs can be frustrating, ones that offer some enjoyment and don't necessarily break the game are easily forgiven. Many fans were hoping that Epic would see the funny side and keep in what some have called "the best harmless glitch ever."

Who knows, maybe they'll find a way to make it a more intentional feature somewhere down the line.