Epic Games Reverts Fortnite Turbo Build Nerf After Community Outcry

The Fortnite Turbo Build nerf has been reverted
The Fortnite Turbo Build nerf has been reverted /

The Fortnite Turbo Build revert applied to live servers Wednesday and undid the nerf included in Update 10.20. Here's what you need to know.

Fortnite Turbo Build Revert Undoes Nerf Following Player Outcry

In Fortnite Patch 10.20, Epic Games slowed Turbo Building by increasing the delay between structure placements from 0.005 seconds to 0.15. Epic Games originally enacted the nerf because the speed of Turbo Building favored players with lower pings. Slower turbo building would reduce defensive turtling and spam building, making buildings more purposeful.

The developer hoped not to impact players' abilities to perform 90s and waterfall, building techniques that let players rapidly gain height within a single tile and fall safely, respectively.

Though the increase appeared insignificant, players across skill levels quickly began to complain the timing felt sluggish and unresponsive.

Epic Games has responded to those complaints Thursday by reverting the change with a small caveat.

Though the delay for subsequent pieces is back to 0.005 seconds, a timer of 0.15 seconds will be enacted for replacing a piece that has been destroyed. Additionally, if two players attempt to build a structure at the same time and in the same location, a random roll will determine which structure is built.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games