Error Finding Match Pokemon GO: How to Fix

Error Finding Match Pokemon GO Battle League
Error Finding Match Pokemon GO Battle League / Niantic Labs

Error Finding Match Pokemon GO is a problem that plagued GO Battlers just looking to test their mettle.

Niantic Labs has implemented all sorts of PvP functions into Pokemon GO over the years. Obviously, pitting trainers and their teams against each other is a major part of the Pokemon franchise, so it makes sense their artificial reality mobile title would want to bring the same theme. Unfortunately for some trainers, however, one of those features has been malfunctioning.

Error Finding Match Pokemon GO

"Error Finding Match" appears when some trainers attempt to find a match in the GO Battle League. Upon loading the match, the error text will appear, and the trainer(s) involved will be ejected from the search. Some have reported that the game counts this event as a loss and records it on their profile. Needless to say, it's a frustrating situation.

The worst instance of this was recorded last March alongside ranking issues that required Niantic to take the service offline within the first half hour of operation.

There is currently no simple fix for this error. Additionally, it does not appear on the Niantic Support "known Issues" page. Trainers will have to continue trying to prompt matches in the search until it eventually goes through. There is a chance the erroneous matches will be counted as losses—much to the chagrin of affect trainers.

Trainers should screenshot the error and contact support when encountered. If nothing else, reporting bugs notifies the development staff and tracks the issue for the trainer.