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Escape From Tarkov 12.10 Patch Notes Explained

What's new in the 12.10 Patch?
What's new in the 12.10 Patch? / Photo Courtesy of Battlestate Games

The Escape from Tarkov 12.10 patch notes released on March 30, and here are the biggest changes it brought. Escape from Tarkov's newest patch brings new items, gear, and most importantly, long-awaited audio changes.

Escape From Tarkov 12.10 Patch Notes Explained

The most important update from the patch notes is probably the re-introduction of Steam Audio. Steam Audio was disabled in Escape from Tarkov to the bugs, but it appears those have been patches. Steam Audio is what allows games to have highly-advanced audio that allows players to determine the specific positions and locations of other players or actions. In a game like Escape From Tarkov, being able to hear the footsteps of players clearly can make all the difference in the world. Perhaps to help players get more accustomed to Steam Audio, the sound of rain has been softened by 30%.

Steam audio isn't the only important thing coming in the 12.10 patch. New voice lines for scav bosses Reshala, Sanitar, and Gluhar are also arriving. There will also be new equipment and items in the game. These include barter items, guns, such as the STM-9 Pistol Caliber Carbine, new ammo, and new armor. And as always with patch notes, many bugs have also been fixed, like the lack of sound effects for a grenade's explosion.