Escape from Tarkov Bad Account ID: How to Fix

Escape from Tarkov Bad Account ID how to fix
Escape from Tarkov Bad Account ID how to fix / Photo by Battlestate Games

Confused about Escape from Tarkov's Bad Account ID message and how to fix it? You are not alone, as this is a relatively common issue found in the online shooter. This issue is a login error that occurs when the account ID is invalid.

This error can still occur for players with a valid account ID. In this instance, the issue stems from the game's servers experiencing network problems. Given that Escape from Tarko is currently in its beta, issues like this can be expected while the developers are completing the project.

Escape from Tarkov Bad Account ID: How to Fix

Given that the Bad Account ID error is related to network complications, there is little that a player can do to fix the issue themselves. The best course of action is to wait for developer Battlestate Games to repair the server's connection. Given that Escape from Tarkov is an online game, the developers are prepared to start working on fixes right as the issues occur.

Other than being patient for the servers to reconnect, there is not much that a player can do about the Bad Account ID error. Network complications happen in all online multiplayer games, let alone one in their beta. Players should be sure that their account ID is in fact valid if the issue does not get resolved on its own.

The Backend Error is another connection issue in Escape from Tarkov with a similar fix. The closed beta for Escape from Tarkov can be accessed by pre-ordering the game from the official website.