Escape From Tarkov Next Wipe is Days Away

Battlestate Games

UPDATE (12/28, 2:59 p.m ET): Patch was released Dec. 28 marking the release of Streets of Tarkov. The original story mentions a suspected release date in 2023 and remains below.

Battlestate Games released a series of tweets over the past few days that has the community buzzing. The developer started with some news about the legendary Streets of Tarkov map, a location that has been teased and in production for years. And it finally looks like it could be coming soon. The real question is whether it will launch with the wipe.

Ultimately, with the annual Escape from Tarkov New Year's Twitch Drops promo set to run from Dec. 29, 2022, to Jan. 7, 2023, those in the community are speculating that the wipe will be coming before then.

Most likely the wipe will be set on Thursday, the same time as the Twitch Drops promo, but it could release a day earlier. But with no date for the actual 0.13 Patch, that will most likely release later in 2023. It would be strange for Battlestate to release a new trailer for the notorious map and release it a few days later with no fanfare. They would want players to get excited. A summer release during the next wipe seems much more likely. After years of waiting, another six months doesn't seem too far off.

While the disappointment for not playing the new map is palpable, the new wipe should make things easier.