Escape from Tarkov: The Key to Success Quest Walkthrough

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov / Photo Courtesy of Battlestate Games

The Key to Success quest in Escape from Tarkov has been challenging for some players to complete. It is the fifteenth task that comes after the Blood of War and requires players to retrieve two Clothes design handbooks from Interchange.

It sounds simple, but can be a bit tricky. Here is our guide on how to complete the Key to Success quest in Escape from Tarkov.

The Key to Success Quest Guide

To begin, only players level 26 and above can complete this quest. You'll have to wait if you are still below that level.

In order to complete the task, players will have to finish the following objectives.

  1. Search and Obtain the first Clothes Design Handbook
  2. Hand over the Clothes Design Handbook to Ragman.
  3. Search and Obtain the second Clothes Design Handbook.
  4. Hand over the second handbook to Ragman.

You can start the quest by raiding the Interchange. However, going in loud and guns blazing isn't the best idea for this mission: it's important to follow a safe approach to retrieve these books. Follow this guide to find these books and you will be all good to complete the task for the quest.

First, you will have to visit the Interchange and enter the Hallway. After entering the hallway, you will have to find two stores: Mantis and Kostin. You'll need to walk all the way from these stores to the blue fountain structure that is surrounded by benches.

While going through the Kostin and facing the blue fountain structure, on the right side, you will be able to see a store with a black and orange banner. The name of the store is in the Russian language, however, it will look like this.

Abandoned Books Store
Abandoned Books Store / Photo Courtesy of Battlestate Games

The next thing you will need to do is to enter the store and walk up to the third bookshelf in the middle. A flashlight might come in handy because the store is abandoned and finding the shelf will be difficult. After finding the third bookshelf, look at the bottom and you will get the option to pick the first Clothes design handbook.

In order to get the second Clothes design handbook, you will have to go onto the second floor from where you obtained the first book. After going to the second floor, search for the Techlight store. Just in front of the Techlight, you will be able to see the Urban Clothes store’s banner.

You will have to walk pass through the Urban Clothes store and you will see another store but that is again with a Russian name. However, that particular store will have a banner displayed in Red and Black. Go inside through the left entrance, and upon entering, you will have to take the right and find the first bookshelf. You'll find the second book there.

Once you have both books, just return them to the Ragman. Upon completing the Key to Success quest, you will receive numerous rewards. These include +0.03 Rep from Ragman, 60,000 Roubles, 15,600 EXP, and 2 face covers known as Ghost balaclava. Moreover, Ragman will also share his reason for interest in these books.