Escape Sequence Zero Fortnite is a custom map created by a user who goes by the name Puzzler. The creator lives up to his name, as the map is a series of cryptic puzzles players must solve to complete the level.

Escape Sequence Zero Fortnite: How to Play the Puzzle Map

Escape Sequence Zero employs just about every trick in the Fortnite book. Though the map gives hints about where to proceed, most of these hints are barely helpful. Instead of following them, players are typically forced to rely on trial and error to make their ways through the labyrinth.

Along the way, players will walk across plenty of spike traps, perform difficult platforming jumps, use jetpacks and balloons, use sprays to reveal hidden holes and walls, and perform plenty of other unusual, difficult and unintuitive actions on the road to success.

Players can check it out with the following code: 8662-2295-5439.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games