Escavalier Pokemon GO: Best Moveset

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

There are lots of Pokemon that suit many different types of needs in Pokemon GO, ranging from battling players to defending Gyms. When players decide who to use in the game, moves are everything, especially when it comes to powerful Pokemon like Escavalier. Here is Escavalier’s best moveset in Pokemon GO.

Escavalier was introduced in the Pokemon Black and White titles and is a Bug/Steel-type Pokemon. Known for its powerful attack stat and having Fire as its only weakness, this Pokemon has been a favorite among trainers. The Calvary Pokemon debuted in Pokemon GO on Jan. 10, 2020, alongside its pre-evolution form: Karrablast, in the Trade Evolution update. Since then, it’s earned itself a substantial amount of favor among those competing in Leagues.

Escavalier Pokemon GO: Best Moveset

The best moveset for Escavalier depends on how you’ll see this Pokemon’s use. For offensive use, such as attacking Gyms and battling other players, Escavalier’s best moves are Bug Bite and Megahorn. Bug Bite is a Bug-type Quick Move, and it’ll be sure to decimate any Psychic-types in its way. If not, then Megahorn will be sure to deal colossal damage to severely weaken them.

When defending, Excavalier’s best moves are Counter and Drill Run. Counter is always a handy move to deal major damage back to opponents, which works like a dream when countering a super-effective move. Drill Run is a phenomenal move to use against Pokemon that Escavalier is weak to, which works especially well with any Fire-types that dare to step up. 

To obtain an Escavalier, players must capture a Karrablast and either trade it or feed it 200 Candy. Escavalier is not available in the wild, and there is no shiny variant available as of writing. 

Karrablast is now available for capture in the wild, so players can catch and evolve it into a Escavalier.