ESO Briarheart Dagger Quest: Everything You Need to Know

ESO Briarheart Dagger quest is just a single part of the Briarheart set. How convenient is it that you can get one of these daggers by completing a quest in Wrothgar? The dagger is a highly sought after item that helps unlock special bonuses that are particularly popular with Nightblades.

Here's how to get a Briarheart dagger in Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Briarheart Dagger Quest: Everything You Need to Know

The first thing you'll want to do is fast-travel to Wrothgar. Once there, make your way north to the Frozen Fleet where you will find a shipwrecked crew hiding out among the glaciers. One should have a quest marker above his head--a man called Lord Ethian. Speaking with him will begin the quest "Where Loyalty Lies."

The rewards for this quest are a large experience bonus, leveled gold, and a dagger called "Materre's Bodkin" which is part of the Briarheart set. Obviously, this is your main prize.

The quest, itself, goes as follows:

Lord Ethian will inform you that his wife, Covenant Ambassador Lady Sovelle, went missing in the wreck and its your job to find her. They were sailing into Orsinium for diplomatic reasons when the fleet was dashed on the shore due to a blizzard. Talking to Captain Henrisa will reveal she isn't too keen on finding Lady Sovelle to begin with.

Make your way around the Frozen Fleet, killing imps and the like, and rescue the trapped sailors--including your old friend Skordo the Knife. When you return to camp you'll be unable to find the captain and Ethian will take off toward a lighthouse where he last saw her. You'll be ambushed by her mage. Kill him and carry on inside.

Unfortunately, your princess is in another lighthouse. Ethian will eventually fess up and tell you the shipwreck was an elaborate ploy by his father to stop the diplomatic meeting. No one was supposed to get hurt. Descend to the ground again and you'll be guided to cave where Skordo thinks the missing pair are hiding.

Ethian will rush into the cave before you have the chance to stop him.Turns out that Skordo was right and, after stabbing Ethian for his courage, Captain Henrisa turns on you. Take her down and speak to the freed Lady Sovelle outside to earn your set piece.

Other Briarheart pieces can be found in delves, public dungeons, and by beating world bosses.

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