ESO Hall of the Dead: Everything You Need to Know

The draugr patiently await your arrival...
The draugr patiently await your arrival... / ZeniMax Online Studios, Bethesda

ESO Hall of the Dead is a public dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. Those who have played Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will recall that every major city in each of the seven holds contains one of these, overseen by a priest of Arkay, who tends to the dead. Your job is to find out what is disturbing the dead lying in Windhelm's hall.

Can't quite figure it out? Here's our guide with everything you need to know about ESO's Hall of the Dead.

ESO Hall of the Dead Public Dungeon

In case you aren't familiar, a public dungeon is a dungeon that does not require a queue to get in. Anyone can enter and often, if you have enough Champion Points, it is entirely possible to run these types of dungeons alone.

The Hall of the Dead is located in the western part of the city—directly to the left of the Mages Guild.

There are two quests associated with this dungeon: "On a Dare" and "Lost Crown." Additionally, there is a skyshard in the middle of the dungeon, some interesting scrolls, a group boss, several mini-bosses, and the final quest-related boss.

ESO Lost Crown Quest

"Lost Crown" features Malana, a court mage who recently had a falling out with Skald-King Jorunn. She plans to dispatch the powerful necromancer Lodorr and take his crown to Jorunn in an effort to earn his favor again. Your job is to make your way through the dungeon, eliminating smaller enemies along the way—many given the "Lodorrsbane" surname, intriguingly enough—and find Lodorr's tomb to open his coffin.

The rest is pretty much straight forward from there. Beat the necromancer and speak to Malana to move on. It's revealed that the crown actually lies with Ulfnir Ice-Blood in the next chamber. Upon taking him down, the player will have to make a decision about his crown and then go on to bring down the true final boss of the dungeon. At the end, the player will be rewarded with the "Lodorr's Crown" memento.

Malana can spawn in two different locations so be sure to check the entire dungeon if you'd like to get this memento.

ESO On a Dare Quest

The "On a Dare" quest is much simpler. Speak to any of the two drunken NPCs milling around the tomb to discover they stepped into the hall on a drunken dare and are now separated, lost, and being hazed by the draugr. From there, it's essentially just a big game of hide-and-seek until you locate both Borald and Jofarr.

ESO Hall of the Dead Achievements

  • Hall of the Dead Vanquisher can be earned by beating three of the mini-boss champions. It offers 10 points.
  • Hall of the Dead Conqueror requires all champions to be defeated. It offers 50 points.
  • Hall of the Dead Group Event is recommended for high-level players or grouped players, only. To earn this achievement, you must bring down the group boss Reynir the Destroyer. Completion offers 50 points.