ESO Southern Elsweyr Skyshards: Everything You Need to Know

Map of Southern Elsweyr marked for Skyshards
Map of Southern Elsweyr marked for Skyshards / Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Studios

ESO Southern Elswyer Skyshards total at six for players searching for them.

The "Year of the Dragon" is finally coming to a close for Elder Scrolls Online players. As the dragons fly home to roost with Bethesda Softworks in preparation for the game's newest chapter, now is the perfect time to tie up those loose ends you've been putting off. Things like skyshards and lorebooks can go unnoticed when wrapped up in the core of an adventure. This is especially true in DLC chapters like Southern Elsweyr.

Here's everything you need to know to pick up the last of Southern Elsweyr's skyshards.

ESO Southern Elsweyr Skyshards

ZeniMax Online Studios has done a great job with their Easter egg-esque hunt for the lost pieces of your character's soul. Perhaps, even too good? There's no doubt it can be difficult to pick up all the shards without an add-on like Skyshards to guide you—even if the game does give you hints.

There are a total of six skyshards in the Southern Elsweyr zone.

The first's clue is, "Overlooking the coast, southeast of Doomstone Keep." This shard is above ground in the northern-most point of the map. You'll find it along the coastline, directly southeast of Doomstone.

The second is, "Where falling water meets the natural arch east of Black Heights." Clearly, you'll be looking for a natural arch and a waterfall. The shard should be at the very top of the falls. Travel west from Doomstone Keep and you're sure to spot it.

The third is, "Where water falls in the Western Plains," being a reference to the savanna surrounding Senchal. This shard should be along the road leading west out of the city.

The fourth, "Lurking inside a burned ruin in west Senchal," is exactly where you would expect it to be. Three and four can be picked up together if you time your journey correctly. This shard is in the western part of the city, just before you exit.

The fifth, "Within the lower tunnels of the Forsaken Citadel," is underground just south of Doomstone Keep. You'll find this shard in an intersection of the tunnels underneath the Forsaken Citadel.

The sixth and final skyshard can be found inside Moonlit Cove—"across a rope bridge in Moonlit Cove." This one is also technically under ground in the northeastern chamber of the delve. You'll find this location in the western-most point of Southern Elsweyr, itself.