ESO Starting Zones: Everything You Need to Know

ESO starting zones have changed over the course of Elder Scrolls Online's lifespan. With each new chapter comes a new place the game will drop you and shove you toward a destination with the goal to save the world. It can be daunting to jump into a new area with brand new content without know the risks and rewards first.

Here's everything you need to know about the starting zones in ESO.

Starting Zones in ESO

1. Wailing Prison, Coldharbour

Who can deny the classics? This was the first starting zone you'd encounter when the game first launched. Fresh off the sacrificial altar and lacking any memory of the event, you found yourself in Coldharbour, the plane of Oblivion belonging to Molag Bal. You would eventually be freed by Lyris Titanborn and you would escape the Daedric prince's realm with the help of both her and the Prophet. This can still be experienced in game, fortunately—you just have to get yourself kidnapped, first.

2. Faction Zones

When the game was first released, players would be dropped into their respective faction starting zones after the tutorial. Nowadays, however, players will need to relive the process of being sacrificed to Molag Bal firsthand. After having your soul ripped from your body you'll be dropped in one of three places: Khenarthi's Roost off the coast of Elswyer for the Aldmeri Dominion, Bleakrock Isle a few miles from Skyrim for the Ebonheart Pact, and the fair island Stros M'kai for the Daggerfall Covenant. It's here you'll meet fun characters who essentially follow you around for the rest of your faction's quests. That sounds irritating, but who doesn't love Razum-dar?

3. Seyda Neen, Morrowind

When the Morrowind chapter was released, players would have their characters whisked away on a ship that finds itself wrecked along the coast of Seyda Neen—a town just a few miles from the infamous Vivec City where all your main quests come from. The Morrowind tutorial had the Seyda Neen prison become your "starting zone" where you're lead through combat and a brief introduction by Naryu Virian under the base of the great volcano, the Red Mountain Vvardenfell. Now, players will simply find themselves shipwrecked without the lovely Naryu to guide them.

4. Shimmerene, Summerset

Summerset's introduction threw you into the conflict between the mysterious Psijic Order and the ancient race of Sea Sloads. The action mostly happens inside the mind of Oriandra, a Psijic mage who you encounter again as a projection in the ruins of Eldbur Ruins just outside of Shimmerene. It's from Shimmerene that you'll begin your journey and eventually link up with Razum-dar and another Psijic mage, Valsirenn, to stop the Court of Bedlam from taking over the continent.

5. Star Haven Adeptorium, Anequina, Elsweyr

Elsweyr had you starting in the Star Haven Adeptorium, moments before it gets besieged by a dragon. You've just survived a dragon attack and have been healed by the monks of the place, only to be thrust into the line of fire once again. Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro walks you through the basic combat before the great beast appears and you both flee to safety with another adept, Zamarak, who becomes important later on.

Photos courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios