ESO Update 25: Everything You Need to Know About Harrowstorm

The Knights of the Circle invite you to join their party in Cyrodiil
The Knights of the Circle invite you to join their party in Cyrodiil / ZeniMax Online, Bethesda Softworks

ESO Update 25 is now live for all devices. This update includes numerous features such as motifs and rewards such as the Knight of the Circle, PvP tweaks, the Harrowstorm DLC pack, and a complete overhaul to help the game run twice as smooth.

This is a big upgrade for ESO players. There hasn't been a patch of this size since the game's release over six years ago. Motifs, changes to Cyrodiil, and two new dungeons all in one patch may sound overzealous, but ZeniMax has been working tirelessly to bring this to its audience in the easiest way possible.

Here's all the information you'll need to know after you download Update 25.

ESO Update 25: Everything You Need to Know About Harrowstorm

The Harrowstorm DLC will become available to all who download Update 25. As usual, ESO Plus subscribers will have immediate access to the content for free while regular players will have to purchase it from the Crown Store.

The pack contains two dungeons, Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. It's being introduced as the start of the year-long "Dark Heart of Skyrim" adventure which will culminate with the story of the Greymoor expansion later this May.

Icereach is a dungeon that deals with a coven of witches bringing about a terrible ice storm that threatens a small group of Nords just off Skyrim's northern coast. Meanwhile, Unhallowed Grave takes players to Bangkorai to stop a group of necromancers from raiding an ancient evil's tomb.

Discovering either dungeon will get you a fun Wickerman Mishap emote.

ESO Update 25: Cyrodiil PvP and Overhaul

Cyrodiil residents will be delighted to know a new host of rewards is coming their way. These come in the form of new motifs and styles called the Knights of the Circle—a clear callback to the Arthurian Knights of the Round.

You can get your hands on motif pages by purchasing either a Knight's Rebuke or Knight's Resolve from any War Researcher on the map. Combining Knight's Resolve with 20 Arena Gladiator Proofs will give you one page of armor while combining Knight's Rebuke with 40 Proofs gives a weapon page.

The complete overhaul changes the way the game is stored and downloaded on devices, thus the size. It's meant to reduce future patch sizes while paving the way for better frame rates, load times, performance updates, and more.

The team has stated there will likely be similar upgrades to these areas coming soon. More about this timeline can be found on the community blog.

Downloading this patch on time will also give players the Crimson Torchbug pet. Appropriate times may vary between devices.