ESO Update 25: How to Download

Sometimes things are more complicated than they seem. Be careful not to burn yourself out!
Sometimes things are more complicated than they seem. Be careful not to burn yourself out! / ZeniMax Online, Bethesda Softworks

ESO Update 25 has gone live for all players across platforms leaving everyone to figure out how to download it.

The ESO team have stated at the update, itself, is a massive file containing multiple perks from a complete overhaul to DLC dungeons. Players should be prepared for what this means—an abysmally long waiting time until your favorite game is playable again.

Additionally, with the size and tremendous importance of Update 25, some players have expressed anxiety and needed clarification about exactly what they should do. Is there anything they'll need to watch out for? How can they confirm it's installing?

ESO Update 25: How to Download

Despite its ominous size and multiple warnings, Update 25 is actually rather simple to download. This patch should install itself the same way any previous upgrade has. All players need to do is start it up, disappear for lunch, and come back to find out its progress later.

This is simpler for PC and Mac users that those on console. Typically, we don't have to manually open an update. Just bringing the launcher up on our desktops is enough to prompt an immediate download and patch installation.

Once prompted, the update should run its course as normal. ZeniMax has stressed that players do not need to and should not take any extra steps while running this patch. It should open, download, and install itself as any other would. Trying to mess with it in any way may halt the installation or cause it to start over again.

If it doesn't automatically open, stops running for an unknown reason, or encounters an error, players should reach out to Bethesda Support to resolve the issue.

Remember: the most important part of this is to have a strong and stable internet connection.

Nobody wants to come back to their device after waiting all day only to see that something shorted out the process partway through.