ESO Vampire Skills: Everything You Need to Know About the Revamp

ESO Vampire Skills have changed since Update 26
ESO Vampire Skills have changed since Update 26 / ZeniMax Online Studios, Bethesda

ESO Vampire Skills have seen a revamp since the implementation of Update 26.

In true Elder Scrolls fashion, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) allows players to be anything they want to be—and yes, we do mean anything. It was always up to the individual whether they wanted to be a mage, a warrior, a thief, or even a vampire. With the release of Greymoor this month, the latter option is getting much more attention.

ESO Vampire Skills

Vampire skills and perks in The Elder Scrolls series have varied quite a bit from title to title. Previously, the perks centered around the insatiable blood lust that comes with being a vampire and the consistent need to feed in order to keep your instincts at bay. With Update 26, however, this has been flipped on its head. Keep this in mind while using your skills.

The Vampire Ultimate is now known as Blood Scion. It turns you into a large gargoyle-like beast upon activation. Your stats increase dramatically and you are immediately brought back to full health. Additionally, you heal for 15% of all damage you deal while in this form.

The first skill, Eviscerate, is meant to be a spam-able skill for magic damage and scales based on your missing health below 50%.

The second skill is Blood Frenzy. This ability can be toggled off and on, providing a massive boost to weapon and spell damage while draining your health. Be warned that while this is active, the only one who can heal you is you.

The third skill is a rework of the original first—Vampiric Drain. Essentially, you deal magic damage and gain 23% health for every second the ability is cast.

The fourth skill is Mesmerize. You can use this to stun just about anyone for 5 seconds as it cannot be blocked.

The fifth and final skill, Mist Form, is your best bet to retreat from a sour situation. When cast, you turn into an incorporeal mist and get a 75% damage reduction. Mobility effects, healing, and regeneration no longer work on you.

It should be noted that, like the necromancer line, some abilities in the vampire line are considered criminal acts. Be sure to read the full description before casting.