Eternatus Pokémon Apparently Leaked Over the Weekend

Eternatus is the third big legendary for Pokémon Sword and Shield, and its image was apparently leaked over the weekend.

While Nintendo showed off Zacian and Zamazenta in the initial announcement, we knew nothing about Eternatus except its name.

Eternatus Pokémon Leaked Over the Weekend

Some of the earlier leaks suggest Eternatus is to be the "final boss," similarly to how Ultra Necrozma was in Ultra Sun and Moon.

The actual type for Eternatus is unknown, but Dragon-type should be a no brainer. It's really about whether it will have a second type. It should be mentioned that with all leaks, nothing is confirmed. Take these images with a bit of skepticism, though the leaks seem to be fairly concrete with Pokémon Sword and Shield releasing Nov. 15.

The same Twitter feed has dozens of leaked images and even compiled all known Pokémon for Shield and Sword.

Analysis: The game was initially hyped when it was first announced, but a few of the features, and the overall design of the Pokémon have frustrated the community. Nintendo has gone with a more childish feel which could garner a new generation of fans. But it's made the older generation feel left out.

Keep your eyes out on the sales during the release.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo