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Even More Skate 4 Leaks Find Their Way to Social Media

Even more Skate 4 leaks have appeared on Reddit, barely a day after the first set.
Even more Skate 4 leaks have appeared on Reddit, barely a day after the first set. / EA Games

Just over a day after the first set of Skate 4 leaks made their way onto Reddit via an anonymous third party, another collection has appeared — this time, with video. If the leaks are legitimate, fans of the franchise now have the opportunity to see what the experience was like for pre-alpha playtesters.

As explained in the post published to the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, these videos come from a cracked version of a test that the user managed to obtain access to.

Second Set of Skate 4 Leaks in as Many Days

There are four videos in total: three with gameplay and one with an introduction. The user, Parzalai, was streaming the cracked version on their YouTube channel, but it appears EA was able to take the stream down before long.

According to Parzalai, the test "obviously needs alot of work," which is unsurprising as it's supposed to be an extremely early build of the game. They praised the "buggy" yet fun ragdoll physics and "pristine" animations already implemented into the game. The tricks are "great" but may be difficult to pull off. Additionally, they included a segment dedicated to simply being on foot around the park which is "much better" than previous iterations.

Links to the videos' current location on Google Drive can be found on the Reddit post. They are still available for viewing at the time of writing. Most are short and feature untextured models on a lightly textured skatepark map.

Another leak earlier this week revealed details of the game's progression and map, and pointed toward an October release.

EA has yet to confirm either leak as genuine.