Every Fortnite Crossover Event Ranked From Worst to Best

Here is our ranking on every Fortnite crossover event.
Here is our ranking on every Fortnite crossover event. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite has dragged video games into the world of entertainment. While video games were becoming normalized for years, Fortnite was the reason everyone was involved. From Grammy winning musicians, to professionals athletes, everyone across the globe was talking about Fortnite in 2018, and Epic Games capitalized on the popularity.

The company was taking crossover events to the next step, and while we never though certain IPs would ever come together, we've seen Avengers, Star Wars, and even the NFL make it into the battle royale. So here is our ranking on every Fortnite crossover event. Most of them were fantastic, so just because it was ranked lower, doesn't mean it was a bad event.

Every Fortnite Crossover Event Ranked From Worst to Best

8. Stranger Things 3

This one was based solely around skins and cosmetics and didn't add a new event to the mix. It was still pretty cool to see Hopper inside the game. But it would have been cool to see a horror themed game based around the demogorgon.

7. NFL

The NFL started partnering with Twitch allowing certain streamers watch Thursday Night Football live, so it was only a matter of time before they went into the world of gaming. Epic Games and the NFL partnered together to bring jerseys of every team in the league. You could rep your favorite team and player.

6. Jordan

While sports are struggling to keep a younger audience, gaming and esports don't even bat an eye. It was no surprise that a shoe brand based through Nike tried to capitalize on the trend. Players could try to complete challenge and earn cosmetics based on the brand.

5. Star Wars

The event started off slow with just a few skins, before Disney unleashed all of the characters, and added in lightsabers. The event even had a premier of a trailer for the Rise of Skywalker, bringing exclusive content inside a video game. It was game-breaking, and will always be remembered.

4. John Wick

This one came together naturally. For finishing Season 3's Battle Pass, players unlocked a skin which looked just like John Wick. And eventually, the partnership came together bringing in multiple skins including an actual John Wick skin.

3. Marshmello Concert

It seemed unfeasible at the time, but Epic Games was adding in server wide events for the end of each season, so the idea of a concert wasn't crazy. When it was announced, players had no idea what to expect, and when it went live, it was crazy to see a "live" concert inside the world of Fortnite.

2. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame

Once of the first crossover events the game ever had blew the mind of everyone. You could actually play as Thanos and use the Infinity Gauntlet against enemy players. We never though it would get better than this. Boy, were we wrong.

1. Batman

One of the coolest events in the game, you could actually play in a fake Gotham which took over Tilted Towers, and you could use the Bat Glider and Grapple Gun. There was nothing cooler then flying around as the Caped Crusader, taking down bad guys.