Evil Dead ‘Kill Em All’ Mission Guide

We’ve put together a simple guide to beating the third mission in Evil Dead: “Kill Em All.”
We’ve put together a simple guide to beating the third mission in Evil Dead: “Kill Em All.” / Saber Interactive

We’ve put together a simple guide to beating the third mission in Evil Dead: “Kill Em All.”

This particular mission has been causing problems for several players due to its combination of a time limit and several tough boss encounters. Never fear, however, as we’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks to finally leave this mission in the dust.

How to Beat “Kill Em All” in Evil Dead

Get a Good Start

First, players are going to want to maximize their first few moments in-game. This can be crucial for a successful setup that pays out graciously in the late game.

For this reason, we recommend gravitating toward sites already flush with items and ammunition, like Faison Farm. Additionally, the car in that area can be used as transport to shave off a minute or two that would otherwise be spent running on foot.

Once the starting area and necessary adjacent sites are clear, hop in the car and head out to the Railway Loop.

First Objective: Deadite Warm-up (12)

Now players should be ready for the first objective: a Deadite invasion consisting of 12 enemies. Some recommend using melee attacks to take this cluster down to preserve ammunition for later, but this should only be done if the player has a good grip on melee combat.

After all, Deadites explode on death, and taking the time who maneuver around each explosion could spell disaster.

Those uncomfortable with the idea of up close and personal combat should pick these guys off from afar. Fortunately, they don’t have too much health and can be downed with a well-placed shot or two.

Afterward, head north to Dead End for the second objective.

Second Objective: Deadites (8) and Demi-Eligos

Note: On the way here, players should encounter a shed with a couple of melee weapons and extra ammo. Do not pass these up as they will be crucial in this fight.

This next batch of Deadites can be expelled like the last — with the exception of their squad leader, the demon Demi-Eligos. This is the first boss encounter of the mission.

The most frustrating part of Demi-Eligos’ fight is the role that distance plays. Demi-Eligos uses ranged attacks and has no problem sniping the player if they get too far — or sending a battalion of clones out if they step too far away.

For this encounter, due to Demi-Eligos’ mastery of generally being a pain at longer distances, we recommend sticking closer once the typical Deadites are gone. Now is the time to pull out those melee weapons we were talking about and hack away!

The only times players should be backing off from Demi-Eligos is during an AoE attack or to pop a healing item. Otherwise: don’t give any breathing room.

The next objective is to the southwest called Fairview Campground.

Final Objective: Deadites (4) and True Eligos

Almost there! This is the final encounter of the mission and while it may seem daunting, it’s actually a rather simple fight so long as they use the environment to their advantage.

After dispatching the Deadites, take a good look around. Make sure to note the positions of all the largest structures in the immediate area and their corners. In this final fight against true Eligos, the best chance of survival is actually to use these as buffers.

Eligos has three attacks: a ranged, a gap-closer, and a melee. Its pattern cycles these as much as possible by getting in close to the player and then either destroying them with a melee or, if they manage to get far enough away in time, hurling projectiles at range.

The key to this fight is to make sure there is always the potential to have something between the player and Eligos. Its ranged attack can be difficult to dodge all the way and, as the final encounter, this demon packs some serious damage.

The goal here is to give yourself the best fighting chance by firing off shots wherever you can as the pattern plays out. The only time to lose sight of Eligos is when you’ve slipped around a corner.

Evil Dead: The Game released on May 13 for the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows devices.

Rewards for this mission include the Knowby Recording 3 and unlocking Amanda Fisher.