EX Gyms in Pokemon GO Receive Updated Criteria

EX Gyms in Pokemon GO are the newest feature in Niantic Labs' flagship mobile game. Players always look for new ways to get the upper hand on their opponents in battle. One of them is acquiring stronger Pokemon — the driving reason behind EX and EX Raids.

Here's the latest update surrounding Pokemon GO EX Gyms and their corresponding raids.

EX Gyms in Pokemon GO

EX Gyms were previously found within certain criteria that made them essentially near-universally recognizable. The highlight was the gyms exclusively spawned in certain parks. Recently, it appears that has changed.

Players reported sightings of EX Gyms outside the pre-established "park only" range. That has caused a bit of confusion over what exactly makes a gym in Pokemon GO eligible to host EX Raids and effectively become an EX Gym.

So far, there hasn't been any concrete word from Niantic over the change, but it appears that means there are only additions to the rule coming in the future. Trainers might be able to get their hands on more super-powered Pokemon from newly-converted gyms sooner than they would think.

Images courtesy of Niantic Labs